Level Up Your Home with Alder Tapware: Now Lead Free (and Part of Our Inclusions)

Level Up Your Home with Alder Tapware: Now Lead Free (and Part of Our Inclusions)

We want our inclusions to stand out from others. It’s why we’re shining a spotlight on Alder Tapware, a brand that shares our vision of creating dream homes that are as good for you as they are stylish.

Alder Tapware is undergoing a massive transition to be completely LEAD-FREE. Yep, they’re prioritising the health and safety of you and your family by proactively exceeding upcoming regulations. But Alder isn’t just about safety – they’re also all about guilt-free glam. Here’s why we’re obsessed with their hardware and why it’s a no brainer that their products are part of our inclusions packages. Yes, thats right, our Evolve, Ultimate and Ultimate Duplex are now all available with lead-free Alder tapware.

Lead-Free Luxe: Safeguarding Your Health and Style

Creating beautiful and healthy homes is what we’re all about, and a huge part of that includes using the best materials we can. We’re after products that are:

  • Functional
  • Stylish
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Better for the environment
  • and, above all, prioritise the well-being of you and your loved ones.


Enter (Lead-Free) Alder Tapware.

Alder is a total trendsetter when it comes to lead-free plumbing. They’re proactively transitioning their entire range to be compliant with the new Australian regulations coming in 2026. It means that if you build your new home now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and have peace of mind that your new home is built with products that put health first, especially for little ones.

The best part is, Alder tapware is seriously stylish too. So you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics for safety.

But Why the Transition to Lead-Free Tapware?

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can cause serious health problems if ingested, even in small amounts. It’s especially risky for young children and pregnant women.

Lead can leach from tapware into drinking water, especially if the water is acidic or the tapware is old. This contaminated water can then be ingested during drinking, cooking, or brushing teeth.

While there is low risk of this happening in a new home, with readily available lead-free alternatives, there’s no reason to take the chance of lead exposure.

Sustainable Swag: Saving Water Without Sacrificing Performance

Living a more eco-conscious life is a major priority for many of us these days. Alder gets it!

A significant portion of their products boast a stellar 6 Star 4.5L/M (mixers) and 5 Star 6L/M (showers) rating. Translation: major water savings without compromising on that amazing shower pressure. You can literally shower for days (guilt-free!) knowing you’re doing your part for the planet (and will help you get closer to achieving a 7 star BASIX rating!).

Sustainable living shouldn’t feel like a chore, and Alder’s innovative designs make it easy to be kind to the environment while creating the luxe bathroom, laundry or kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.


Future-Proofing Your Home: Built to Last and Built to Stay Ahead

We all know building a new home is a hefty investment, so choosing products built to last is crucial. Alder’s tapware is the epitome of durability, boasting high-quality finishes and materials that can withstand the test of time. Plus, with their commitment to staying ahead of the curve on regulations and sustainability, you can be confident that your Alder hardware will be compliant with upcoming standards and keep your family healthy way into the future.

How Do You Know It’s Lead-Free?

So, how do you identify an Alder product that’s lead-free as they begin the transition? Easy peasy! Look for the ‘LF’ in the code or product name. They’ll also be laser marked for simple identification and sport a handy ‘LEAD-FREE’ icon online.


Our inclusions come as standard when you choose to build with us. That’s because we see our inclusions as necessities, not extras. So if you want to say hello to safe, stylish and eco-friendly tapware in your dream home (along with a bunch of other incredible products and building materials) look no further.