Masterton is celebrating 55 years as leaders in the home building industry - Masterton Homes

Masterton is celebrating 55 years as leaders in the home building industry

It’s been 55 years since Masterton began revolutionising project home building and after all this time we’re still recognised as industry leaders.

That’s because we’re always looking to the future, continuing to harness our knowledge and resources to take home building to the next level. We’re constantly investing in cutting edge building technologies and materials, while at the same time, reinvigorating the market with innovative home design.

Jim Masterton still at the helm

Jim Masterton, the company’s founder, is a true Australian innovator. He transformed the home building market with the introduction of pre-assembled trusses and frames, pioneered the use of concrete slabs and conceived the concept of Knock Down Rebuild (KDR). All these innovations are now standard in the housing industry.

‘When I started out I just wanted to make it possible for ordinary people to build their own home and so we had to invent ways to make it affordable and easy,’ Jim said. ‘We succeeded in our goals and are still here because we continue to deliver on this promise, guaranteeing quality and innovation with it. I’m a builder first and foremost and I love the challenges of making Masterton’s homes better and smarter all the time.’

And while he’s now passed the reigns of CEO over to his son, David, Jim’s not retiring any time soon. He remains engaged and active in the business and is often seen at Warwick Farm headquarters pulling up a weed or pushing a wheelbarrow.

‘I’m a family man and have a firm understanding of how important the dream of owning your home can be,’ said Jim. ‘I’m really proud of the way Masterton has weathered the highs and lows over the past 55 years and the fact it’s still a solid, family owned and run Australian business.’

One of the most awarded builders

Even after 55 years, Masterton is still one of NSW’s most awarded builders. This is because at our heart, we’ve always been committed to delivering homes which are beautiful as well as functional and affordable. Masterton is proud to help Australian’s achieve their dream of owning their own home.

Not only that, but as a significant industry leader in the region, Masterton has been privileged enough to help boost the state’s economy. The company employs hundreds of full time staff and contractors from all over NSW and has built over 100,000 homes from Tea Gardens to the North and Narooma to the South as well as in the ACT.

‘It’s really important that we provide anyone who wants to build a home with access to innovation and leading edge technology,’ said Jim. ‘I’m proud to say that Masterton’s now building even better, more exciting homes, in so many more areas of NSW than we could have ever dreamed of.’

Getting back to basics

The current environment in NSW has made the dream of owning a home seem an impossible one for many. And it’s why Masterton decided it was time to get back to basics. Thus our new company, New Living Homes was born.

New Living Homes is focused on delivering a wide range of single storey homes throughout the South Coast and greater Western Sydney, and provides a refreshing option for families entering the market for the first time, or people looking to downsize.

But Masterton didn’t stop there. With the move toward higher density living and lower maintenance homes, we realised there was a need for a contemporary and affordable solution to double storey housing as well. Our newest company, New Edge Homes gives people the opportunity to own a Masterton quality dwelling that’s designed to fit allotments in greenfield estates.

These two companies serve different segments of the housing market, meaning the Masterton Group can continue to deliver on our promises and provide homes that cater to all lifestyles and needs without compromising on design or superior inclusions.

Granny Flats

The reason Masterton has been so successful for the last 55 years is because we’re constantly looking outside the block, coming up with creative and functional alternatives for our customers.

That’s why we’ve created our newest range of granny flats which present a golden opportunity for customers looking to expand their family home or seeking smart investment opportunities which you can build at the same time as building your Masterton home.

Jim wouldn’t have it any other way

Building quality homes since 1962, Masterton is still one of the largest and most respected builders in Australia. We believe this is because we’re still focused on our original mission—to build tomorrow’s homes today. And this is exactly what we’ll continue doing in the years to come, because Jim wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can come and see our fabulous home designs in person at one of our display centres