Masterton CEO wins Rotary award for charity work - Masterton Homes

Masterton CEO wins Rotary award for charity work

On Saturday 13th August at a fundraising event celebrating 100 years of The Rotary Foundation, the CEO of Masterton homes, David Masterton was honoured by Rotary. He was named a Paul Harris Fellow and presented with an award for his contributions to charity and the community.

‘Being named a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary who do such amazing work, both in Australia and abroad was a true honour,’ CEO of Masterton, David Masterton said. ‘I was blown away by the experience and I can’t wait to continue working with Rotary to better our world for the future. ’

A true mark of distinction

A true mark of distinction, the award acknowledges the tangible and significant assistance an individual has given to increase understanding and friendly relations among people of the world. And while it may have been a surprise for the Masterton CEO, it was no shock to anyone else who has seen the number of charities and philanthropic works he and his team at Masterton support.

And that’s because Jim wouldn’t have it any other way

Indeed when the Masterton patriarch founded Masterton Homes over 55 years ago, Jim’s goal was clear—to make it possible for people to build their own home and find ways to give back to fellow Australians. These two founding pillars of the Masterton Group have been built upon by his son, David.

Involvement in charity

While the team at Masterton have always been proud of their achievements and their involvement in charitable works, the moment the fellowship was bestowed upon the CEO was one of true delight. It allowed the Masterton family and their team of dedicated staff to realise just how much their commitment to aiding the community has made a difference.

‘Over the years Masterton has been privileged enough to be involved with some amazing not for profit organisations and we hope our contributions go some way in allowing them to continue delivering much needed services and support,’ David Masterton said.

To find out more about the Paul Harris Fellowship visit the Rotary website