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Our bedside style guide

The first thing you’re likely to see when you wake up in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep, is your bedside. It’s an intimate part of your home, reflects your personality and influences the way you feel both when you start and end the day. As well as a practical place for storing essentials, this space should reflect you and your style. Here’s some tips to make your bedside as calming, personal and functional as possible.

Choose the right bedside table to suit you

  • Consider what size bedside table you need. Will it fit your lamp? An alarm clock? Your night time read? Or would you to prefer to keep the styling minimal, storing things away in drawers? Decluttering can help you sleep better and creates a more tranquil space.
  • A good height for your bedside table should roughly be the height of your mattress. Look for uninterrupted lines in the design, from bed to bedside table
  • The texture of your bedside table is also important as we are not only visual creatures but tactile ones. Do you prefer the grain and knots of natural timber? Or would you prefer a more smooth and crisp surface?
  • Think outside the box and make your space unique. Choose a non-traditional bedside table like a log stool, bench, end table or floating shelf or consider having no bedside table at all.

Organise the space by your bed, not just your bedside table

As mentioned before, if you need extra storage space a bedside table with drawers is the perfect option. But what about cushions, throws and blankets? Textured baskets are a great addition to a bedside so these items have an attractive home and means you won’t need to throw anything on the floor. A seat in your room is also a great option. It gives you somewhere to get ready in the morning or to relax with a book while also providing a surface to put decorative pillows and throws on while you’re sleeping.

Let there be light

The most common item people will want on their bedside table is a lamp. Choose one that’s not too large for the space and is in proportion with your bedhead. Make sure you can aim the light at chin height if you want to sit up and read as it will mean you avoid glare.

Precious gems

A gorgeous dish or jewellery box on your bedside table is not only handy for keeping your favourite items close at hand but also creates a pretty display of your sparkly accessories.

Create balance

Displaying objects of different shapes and sizes such as bottles, vases and trinkets in different heights, shapes and sizes, creates balance and adds character. Stacked books are perfect for adding height if needed. Overlapping items can also add character to your arrangement. A lamp partly covering an artwork or a smaller item placed in front of a larger one will add interest to your arrangement.

Colour coding

Like the rest of your decorating, choosing a base colour for your bedside display will give the look elegance and cohesion.

Good vibes

Create the perfect atmosphere with a scented candle. Not only will it make your room smell delicious but candles are the perfect way to add ambiance to your space. Think about the mood you want to convey and choose a scent to match.

Go green

Bring it back to nature with a plant, the ultimate accessory for any bedside. Not only does it look gorgeous and calming but plants purify the air and can help with sleep.

Make it personal

As mentioned, your bedside is a highly intimate and personal space, so don’t forget to include an item in your arrangement that has special meaning to you. This could include an artwork, a framed photograph, a travel memento, a trinket or anything else that will give the space a little something of you.

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