Masterton Mansion Package

The Masterton Mansion Package is the most popular promotion we've EVER offered and it's easy to see why. The Mansion Package now offers practical and stylish added value extras for just $6,990! Check out the brochure for more details on this fabulous promotion that will transform your new home into a mansion.



• This Package is only available as part of a building contract with Masterton.

• Unless otherwise specified this Package cannot be used with any other offer.

• Masterton reserve the right to withdraw the offer for the Package at its discretion.

• Any item not listed within the Package will incur additional costs.

• Any item omitted by a customer from the Package will not be refunded, credited or substituted.

• Masterton reserve the right to amend or substitute items and/or suppliers without notice.

• Where any item appears in more then one Package, set of Inclusions or other offer, than only one of the items will be supplied and no credits will be available.

• Should you request a 2016 Mansion Package for a duplex, the price will be $13,980.


Updated: October 2016