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Home Type: Duplex Clear
Redwood 4/3
Contemporary and stylish this two storey duplex is available in 3 or 4 bedroom combinations making the most of available space. Perfect for longer blocks the Redwood is the ideal home for families and entertaining with well appointed kitchens, large living areas and...
4 3 1
Sorrento 3/3
Ideal for corner blocks the Sorrento offers stylish and functional duplex living at its finest. Both dwellings maximise space with their clever floor plans offering large family and living areas so the family can gather together.
3 3 2
Twin Oaks 4/3
The Twin Oaks is the perfect duplex for multigenerational families with one slightly more cosy unit. Making the most of available space, the ingenious Twin Oaks’ floor plan features large living and dining spaces with the addition of a family room that opens into a well appointed kitchen.
4 3 1
Wattle 3/3
The Wattle is a cleverly designed duplex with one home set back from the other to ensure maximum privacy. Intimate yet spacious these dwellings come with all the luxuries a family could need including large kitchen, family, dining and lounge areas - all of which will...
3 3 2
Wattle 4/4
Adding an extra bedroom to both dwellings, the Wattle 4/4 duplex adds extra value to an already cleverly designed set of homes which maximise available space and take full advantage of design techniques to create the ultimate privacy.
4 3 2
Willow 3/3
Classic architectural lines come together to make the Willows the ideal duplex home for both families and investors. With generously sized living, dining, family and kitchen areas, these dwellings provide the best possible spaces for people to come together.
3 3 1