Ice castles inspired staff member Viki Gao - Masterton Homes

Ice castles inspired staff member Viki Gao

For most of us, ice castles seem like a fantasy made for fairytales, but for Viki Gao, one of Masterton’s expert New Homes Consultants, they were a part of her reality.

Inspired by the ice sculptures in Harbin, China

Growing up in Harbin, China, every year Viki would be swept up in the journey to create one of the biggest winter festivals in the world – a city of ice would be sculpted in the snow and transform her home town into something which can only be described as pure Narnia.

But ice castles don’t last

‘They’re not like Masterton Homes. But I remember the excitement of when the ice sculptures were being built.’ said Viki. ‘It’s a feeling that stayed with me and I think that’s why I like being part of the home industry so much – I like being part of that building journey.’

Moving to Australia for university with the plan of working in finance, Viki eventually fell into a career in the building industry and she’s never looked back.

‘I didn’t always realise this was my dream but I just really love it and I don’t want to do anything else,’ said Viki.

One of the experts

Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Viki is passionate when it comes to helping members of the Chinese community build their dream homes.

‘I have a real understanding of what the Chinese market is looking for. I understand the way they want to live, their design preferences and can advise on homes to suit these needs.’

Viki is an expert on knock down rebuild and building in Greenfield estate – especially with regard to Masterton’s duet series of granny flat homes that cater for intergenerational living and provide lucrative investment opportunities.

Feng Shui

Viki’s feng shui experience is put to good use when guiding customers on how Masterton’s flexible floorplans can suit their needs. She’s exceptional at advising customers on what homes best fit their blocks and works hard to bring together a package which keeps in mind both budget and dream.

‘It’s amazing to be able to work for Masterton. They’ve been around for more than fifty years which is a testament to their amazing designs and knowledge of the housing market, as well as their ability to continue to adapt to customer wants and needs.’

Part of the family

With her professional, hard working personality and her passion for homes, Viki has fit in perfectly at Masterton and would love to introduce you to the family.

‘I love guiding and supporting people on their journeys and part of that is because I realise it’s probably the biggest journey someone can make. I love being there while people build their fantasy… a dream that’s going to last.’

Make an appointment to visit Viki today at our display homes at Kellyville Homeworld 5.