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Take me to the Hamptons: How our interior stylists created the perfect harmony with Hamptons interior design

As we’ve said before, the Harmony delights and entices with its clean, classic lines and Hamptons styling, which creates a homey, coastal atmosphere. But how did our interior stylists create such a cool, airy and postcard-pretty home? We chat to Madeleine, the interior stylist who headed the project to find out more.

This is the first Masterton display home to use Hamptons interior and exterior design—what were the reasons you chose this styling for the home?

I chose to use Hamptons style for the Harmony Premier because I wanted our customers to understand how they can combine traditional elements with the clean lines of contemporary home design. Hamptons style finishes and interiors are extremely popular at the moment and it’s not hard to see why.

The overall feel of a Hamptons home makes it so appealing because it gives you the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect combination of relaxed and sophisticated and allows for the dressing up or down of the home based on individual taste. Not only that but the style is timeless, meaning it will never go out of fashion and it suits our Australian lifestyle and climate perfectly.

How did you achieve the Hamptons look? What were the most important ways to capture the light and airy feeling so synonymous with this style?

Light neutrals and soft greys are part of the signature colour palette of the Hamptons style. These colours are so easy to live with and assist in creating that gorgeous relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere Hamptons homes are famous for. Textured casual plaids provide cosy warmth while the open plan design of the home supports the coastal ambient styling.

Where did your inspiration come from when styling the home?

I drew much of my inspiration from the world around me. Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney I allowed the relaxed coastal lifestyle which is steeped in the tradition of the early 1950’s beach cottages to infuse my design. The boats dappling Pittwater Bay inspired the nautical feel of the scheme.

What feeling do you get from the home? What kind of feeling did you want to capture with your interior design?

The Harmony has a feeling of relaxed and casual comfort while still looking beautiful and classic. I wanted to capture a cool, light ambience with a touch of cosy for those chilly afternoons.

The seamless flow from indoor to outdoor living is a large part of the Hamptons lifestyle and suits our Australian climate perfectly. One of the main aspects of the home I focused on was the beautiful and comfortable alfresco space where I imagined owners would spend long afternoons entertaining family and friends.

What aspects of the home design did you want to draw attention to with you interior styling?

As we’ve known for a long time, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I used the black iron carriage lights to enhance the raked ceiling and skylights in this kitchen and dining space.

The classic wall panelling throughout the home provides the perfect backdrop for Hamptons inspired furnishings. I wanted to accent the traditional wall panelling in the powder room to create a moody space that’s enhanced by the pendant lighting.

Who do you think would live in this home? Who was it designed for and what kind of lifestyle does the interior design inspire?

The Harmony design appeals to a wide range of buyers, from first home owners to retirees.

The Hamptons style is such a perfect fit for this home and while there’s a nautical element to the design, it doesn’t feel out of place even if you don’t have the beach lapping at your doorstep. Water in general plays such a huge part in the Australian lifestyle and makes this style universally popular regardless of where you reside.

Our display home was designed to cater for all tastes and lifestyles and the interior design of this home reflects this. Whether you’re cosying up beside the fireplace or relaxing in the calm, casual open spaces, this home has something for everyone.

Why do you think people should come and look at the home’s interior design?

The Harmony design has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews from those who pass through its front door. As mentioned, the Hamptons home look is on trend and is one fashion that will not go out of style—the look has already withstood the test of time. If you’re in the market for a new home or simply looking for interior and exterior design ideas, the Harmony with its Hamptons stying is a must see.

Our new display home, the Harmony Exclusive is everything you loved in our award winning Harmony designs and more. You can now visit the newly opened home and check out its chic interior and exterior Hamptons styling at our famous Warwick Farm display village.