Take Your At-Home Bath Ritual to Luxurious New Levels with these 7 Tips

Things are about to get extremely relaxing up in here.

Take Your At-Home Bath Ritual to Luxurious New Levels with these 7 Tips

We’re going to let you in on a secret… we’re pretty damn good at designing and building bathrooms. And we reckon we’ve earnt these not-so-humble-bragging-rights because the Synergy 32 at Warnevale is a finalist in the 2020 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards in the 2020 Bathroom in a Display Home category.

And what better way to celebrate our nomination than by helping you to up your bath ritual to even more luxurious levels. Because having a bath is about so much more than just personal hygiene. And with everything that’s going on at the moment self-care is more important than ever!

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home (like everyone who’s built with us is esp those with the near award-winning bathroom in the Synergy 32 *wink wink*) then this is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to treat yourself. Even more so if the bath is freestanding like the ones included in our Ultimate Inclusions and Evolve Luxury Upgrade Package. Just add water and these 7 easy and inexpensive tips to enjoy your own luxury spa experience without ever leaving the house.

#1 Take time away from your screen

When it comes to ‘switching off’ the struggle is real! But we’ve all read those annoying scientific articles that prove taking time away from your screen does help reduce anxiety (even if it doesn’t always feel that way!). When taking a bath, leave all your devices, in another room so you’re not interrupted by any buzzing or beeping. It’ll help you get away from digital clutter and actually reach that zen state you deserve. Plus it’ll prevent any unnecessary trips to the Apple Store because you won’t accidently drop your phone in the tub while trying to stream the latest binge worthy Netflix release!


#2 Cue relaxing soundtrack

We know, we know, we just said take time away from your screen! But if you unwind easier with music then you may want your device in the bathroom with you—just keep it out of arms reach and on airplane mode to avoid distractions (that said, make sure you download tunes in advance). Also, remember to keep the music relaxing; think ambient soundscapes, meditation tracks, movie soundtracks or ballads.

#3 Turn the lights down low
Dim the lights or better yet, switch them off. Then light your favourite scented candles (just make sure the smells complement each other!).


#4 Stay hydrated

A carafe of drinking water in reaching distance is a must for a true spa experience—and don’t forget to add the cucumbers and mint leaves. Or lemon, or lime or your favourite sliced fruits. A pot of herbal tea like camomile is also a great option to help you relax. And while not technically hydrating, we wouldn’t say no to a glass of red! 

#5 Dreamy scents

Add your favourite skin softening bath oils, bath salts or a bath bomb to the water for a relaxing burst of scent. To up the spa vibes try dry body brushing before sinking into the soothing hot water. Indulge in a hair treatment and/or body scrub and/or face mask. Then lay back, close your eyes and relax.


#6 Rinse off and get dry

Once you’ve reached peak relaxation you’ll be feeling refreshed and bursting with calm energy. Rinse yourself off in fresh water then wrap yourself up in a fresh, fluffy towel *cue amazing partner/child/parent to pop one in the dryer for you*.

#7 Slip into something ah… more comfortable

Have your fave set of fresh PJs or your bathrobe ready to fold yourself into—after you complete the cycle of your new luxurious bath routine with a full body moisturiser of course. Have another drink of water and then go and live your best life—or retreat into your luxe master suite for some seriously relaxing shut-eye.

And while you lay back and luxuriate just imagine how amazing this bath time ritual would be in your brand new home… Like the bathroom in the Sanctuary Exclusive at Housing World Wongawilli, the Harmony Exclusive at Homeworld Box Hill, the Bel Air at Masterton Warwick Farm Experience Centre, the Overture Exclusive at Housing World South Nowra, the Aston Premier at Homeworld Marsden Park or of course the bathroom award finalist, the Synergy 32 at Homeworld Warnevale.