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The Light Side and the Dark Side of Masterton’s Eclipse Duplex

Taking cues from the enchanting astronomical event it’s named after, Masterton’s interior designers, have given the Eclipse duplex a light side and a dark side.

‘The challenge was creating contrast between the two dwellings while still maintaining elements of design that united them,’ Masterton Interior Designer, Nancy said.

Unit A – The Light Side

The cosier of the two homes, the light colour palette lifts the space, giving it a bright and glamorous glow.

‘My inspiration for this colour scheme came from the white stone tiles I used throughout the dwelling. They just dazzle, the stone highlighted with hints of sea foam green and caramel,’ Nancy said.

At the heart of the home is the kitchen which flows effortlessly into the dining, living and alfresco areas. The theatre room provides a luxurious retreat and is the perfect location for entertaining. Transformed into a chic workspace the foyer demonstrates the adaptability of the Eclipse floor plan.

Subtle artwork, textured materials and floor to ceiling windows give the home an edgy yet graceful air.

Unit B – The Dark Side

On the dark side, the interior design creates a sumptuous retreat with charcoal accents and a generous use of timber to create warmth.

‘As the larger of the two sides and with its gorgeous high ceilings, it made sense to decorate this dwelling with darker colours. It’s very sleek and studio inspired, but still allows for a growing family,’ Nancy said.

The master bedroom is a standout, with a dark timber bed, pendant lamps and simple yet elegant natural artwork.

Ingenious floor plan

With its ingenious floor plan, effective use of space and striking street presence, the Eclipse showcases two well-proportioned three and four bedroom homes—ideal for all modern families and investors.

Built to fit on regular sized blocks, the Eclipse’s creative use of space ensures airy yet intimate independent dwellings with free-flowing family areas at the heart of each.

While the floor configuration is different in each dwelling, both provide all the modern comforts and inclusions that have ensured Masterton remains a leader in home design. With versatile floor plans, allowing for multiple room usages, the Eclipse caters for all needs and preferences.

Eclipse strikes back

The Eclipse’s sleek, contemporary façade with its innovative architecture and various textured materials and colours, ensures it strikes an imposing presence. The two dwellings have distinct yet complimentary individual features without symmetry. Indeed for the astute buyer, the Eclipse presents an aesthetically appealing way to build a brand new home and cash in on the investment of a second dwelling on the site. The Eclipse certainly does eclipse all other contemporary duplex designs on the market.

To find out if your belong on the light side or the dark side, visit the Eclipse duplex at Warwick Farm.