The spaces in between and how to make the most of them

At Masterton, we design homes to maximise space, creating floor plans so you get the most out of your living areas. But the way you decorate space that has traditionally been seen as transitional makes a big impact on the functionality of your home.


Create a launch pad for busy families

The best place to set this up is in the entrance hall while remembering entrance hallways are meant to be welcoming and inviting. Ensure they don’t become dumping grounds for shoes, coats, keys and post by adding an attractive dresser or chest of drawers to the space, outfitting the area with floating shelves or installing hanging hooks.

Storage bins, baskets, attractive containers and boxes are inexpensive and offer tons of storage space. If you buy a bunch in the same colour you can have them on display – they’ll make your space look calmer and more organised.

Consider an umbrella basket or stand and come up with creative ways to communicate with other family members, like using a small chalk board to pen notes to each other which will also add to the warm family feel of your home.

Make a work space

Work spaces are also functional ways to decorate your transitional spaces. Equip the area with a narrow desk and chairs as well as installing attractive wall cabinets or floating shelves. It’s the perfect place for you to pay bills, work from home or help the kids with their homework. Just make sure the hallway remains clear enough to walk through!

Light it up

To prevent tripping or bumping into furnishings make sure you keep these spaces well illuminated. Recessed lights or wall sconces are ideal but if you are decorating a larger space consider suspending pendant lights. Make sure you remove heavy coverings from hallway windows to let natural light in.


Add a nook

By adding seating to a transitional space you create a convenient place to read a book, put on your shoes or daydream away from the rest of the house.

Decorative, colourful cushions and throws jazz it up and make it more welcoming. A larger space is ideal for designing a conversation area away from the television and an architectural nook is the perfect spot to add a home bar or a small library.

Create your own chic art gallery

A minimalist hallway pops with art and frees up other wall space around the house.

Use the laundry

A laundry with outdoor access is the perfect spot to store shoes and coats that you don’t want displayed in an entryway. A laundry shoot is a great way to save space so you can use shelf space for other bits and bobs you don’t want left around the house.

To give you more tips on how to style the spaces in between and make your home more functional, head to one of our display villages today.