Why compare?

  • A cheap base price can be deceiving
  • Most builders don't disclose everything up-front
  • Avoid surprises with added costs down the track
  • Quality of inclusions are not all the same
  • Make sure you get best for your family
  • There's no obligation, no cost to compare
  • Don't wait until it's too late!
Deciding who's going to build your dream home is complicated. Especially when there are hundreds of builders to choose from. But we're so confident in the value of our Ultimate Inclusions, we dare you to compare with our Value Check Challenge.

How to take the Value Check Challenge


Download the Value Check Challenge Checklist and compare to other builders you may be considering.


Come and visit us at one of our display locations, no matter what stage of the journey you're at.


Complete the Value Check Challenge with a new homes consultant.


Discover the true value of our Ultimate Inclusions and prepare to be blown away!

Find out the true value of your inclusions before you make the most expensive mistake of your life.

Download the Value Check Challenge Checklist.

Download Checklist

What are our Ultimate Inclusions?

We're here to make your home the one you've always dreamed about.

It's why we've put our years of experience to good use, personally sourcing the highest quality materials and appliances, to add even more style and functionality to our already amazing home designs.

And the best part? We see these inclusions as necessities, not extras, so everything is inclusive in our upfront price.

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